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Payment Plan Policy

Payment Plan Policy:
In the effort to ensure no one is denied access to a program due to inability to pay, payment plans are available for the Summer Day Camp and Outdoor Adventure Programs. These are 90-day payment plans, or before the end of the program, which-ever is sooner, and can only be set up in person, in the office. Payment plans are based on equal bi-weekly payments of 25% with final payment made by July 31st. If registration occurs after the start of the program, payment plans will be accelerated to meet the final payment deadline of July 31st. When an account with an outstanding balance doesn’t show payment, it will be subject to the Town’s policy on delinquent accounts, which may include accrued interest or alternate methods of resolution. If you are on a payment plan and stop/miss a payment, we may deny or remove the participant from the activity and your initial payment(s) will not be refunded. The balance on any payment plan account must be current under the agreement before a new registration can occur.